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drown in hope
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4th-Feb-2012 04:31 pm - Some Thoughts on What's Up 1-18
Chell portaling

So I was going to post this on tumblr, but then the read more wasn't working (again gah), and I was not exactly happy about that. Unsuspecting people who don't care about kdramas or What's Up in particular shouldn't have to be attacked with a HUGE block of text of my feels on their dash. And then I remembered, hey, I have a livejournal. I should use that thing. And thus I did. This isn't comprehensive of all my feelings or thoughts because that would literally take forever, but I wanted to write about this drama all the same. And yeah this is largely a bullet list because it makes transitions easy and this was written for tumblr of all places, alright?

There will be spoilers below through episode 18, but I will warn you when I get to them.

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Riza prepares
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: The Hawk's Eye: A Tribute Part 1/?
Summary: She trusts that she’ll see the shot through to the best of her ability. She promises she will for every shot she ever takes.
Word Count: 594 words
Rating: Gen
Disclaimer: Arakawa owns all!

The first day Riza picks up a gun in the academy...Collapse )
determined Korra

Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Title: A Natural Firebender
Summary: No one had to tell her that she was the Avatar.
Word Count: 808 words
Rating: Gen
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I know nothing, and it shows!

Obviously headcanon abounds!

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5th-Jun-2011 09:55 pm - Summer Reading
I just live here
So it looks like I'm entering into my summer reading phase. It's kind of an annual thing where every summer since I graduated high school I go through at least a month and half where I'm always just reading something. Which I love because the rest of the year I don't have the time or motivation to read for fun (being an English major this is a terrible irony). At the same time I don't read the same number of books you might expect because I am actually a very slow reader. Anyway, onwards. Although I have a goodreads account (feel free to friend, I obviously love talking about books)  and actually started to make short reviews there, I decided to make a list of books here that I have some possibility of reading this summer. Considering that on goodreads I just have an out of control to-read list. Also writing it out should motivate me to read more. Because even if I read Game of Thrones and Middlemarch, it's still going to be beyond depressing to say I only managed to read 5 books this summer. So here are the major summer contenders (note: list very, very much subject to change):

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So I'm just going to redo that summer goal and say I must finish 15 novels. If I read Middlemarch or Game of Thrones then only 10.
28th-May-2011 09:54 pm - Thoughts on Game of Thrones
Chell portaling
Well... I did it. I bought the first 4 books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. The one thing you can count on me to compulsively buy are books. I don't know what it is, but it is the one sort of medium that I absolutely love building a collection of above all other things. I probably wouldn't have caved  this time around if Amazon wasn't offering the packaged set for $20. I'm sorry but this weak-willed girl cannot refuse a book bargain. And so I bought it. And now I have to wonder if it's exactly worth it.

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Keito smile
Confession time: I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet. Okay, so not really a world shattering confession to see... on the internet.... But, here's the thing. I spend a lot of that time unproductively living in my fandom delusions. And yet, I don't really spend that time being a part of those fandoms. Maybe a better confession would be is that I am a pretty big lurker. The thing is that I am really shy on the internet. I'm an introvert and also someone who is not sure she really has great contributions/thoughts that other people would be interested in. Or that I would be able to word things well or originally. But I love, absolutely love, reading other people's thoughts about my fandoms, and I've decided that I'm actually going to give this a try. I have a tumblr, and while that's a great way for sharing my fandoms for lazy blogger me, I also feel bad posting ridiculous text/thoughts there all the time. And I always end up limiting what I have to say. 
So me very briefly: I'm a dork. College student. I am obsessed with narratives. I love fantasy and other worlds but even more I love characters. Developed characters that grow and have complicated relationships are some of my favorite things. I love strong, enabled women (real and fictional), and I am a shipper at heart. I am also a writer, meaning I try and mostly fail at creating everything mentioned above.
Since I spend so much of my consciousness in fandoms, I'll mostly be posting about the media I intake I guess. So basically anything from manga to anime to kdramas to jdramas to British tv to movies to video games to reading I guess.
Well here goes. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.
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